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Support Cornerstone

WE ARE SO THANKFUL for the gracious hand of the Lord in carrying us through 40 years of faithful service! After 17 years in the personal service of our mission, I continue to marvel at our God and the provision He supplies for the work He wishes to accomplish here at Cornerstone. We have not drifted from our mission and vision to raise up effective leaders of Godly character!

We at Cornerstone Christian Academy believe that Jesus Christ is our chief Cornerstone and that, as we effectively exalt Him and the truth He proclaims, we will see lives transformed. “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in Truth” (3 John 1:4). This verse has been our school’s rallying verse as we partner with families to shepherd hearts and minds in the truth that gives purpose and hope.

The teachers at CCA are described as “living curriculum,” people who are called to serve God here, walking the talk of academic excellence and faith. I can say with confidence that our students are receiving an excellent, Christ-centered education. So, I am passionate to fund CCA for this important work that revolutionizes lives and shapes eternal destinations! It is exciting to share in God’s distinguished work here at CCA as we pray for, equip, and send Christ-serving leaders out into the world to represent the light of Christ.

You, our friends, are welcome to partner with us as investors in this school, where the evidence is overwhelmingly clear that the Lord has been at work. God has paid off our mortgages, sold our other facility, and provided matching gifts. CCA aims to cover 85 – 90 percent of its operational expenses through tuition revenue, but I am thankful for the help of friends who are passionate to steward their resources for God’s purposes. We rejoice with CCA friends who assist us and enable us to strengthen our financial position year after year!

I would like to invite you to participate in the fund-raising opportunities available to you. Each year we host two primary fundraisers: the Laps for Learning (Jog-a-Thon), which assists families with financial assistance, and the Auction, which helps us with our operating expenses and strengthens our financial stability.

A gift to CCA can come through a number of different instruments. Venues to consider when choosing to partner with us include: gifts of cash, bank CD’s, charitable gift annuities, real estate, or a gift of life insurance. A gift is a powerful way to represent your belief and support of our mission. We would be pleased to visit with you about any of these areas of interest and fill you in with more specific information, if you wish. We are more than happy to share additional stories of God at work and reveal a vision of where we hope to see God take Cornerstone into the future.

Serving God,

Tom Olmstead


355 North Cross Street, Sycamore, IL 60178-1231 | Ph: 815.895.8522 | Fax: 815.895.8717