Cornerstone Christian Academy Lunch Program

The Cornerstone Café’s goal is to provide a nutritious hot lunch to all students Monday through Friday.

  • Any student in grades K – 12 may purchase a lunch ticket (includes milk) or just a milk ticket.
  • Our mission team provides a pizza lunch every Friday. The pizza lunch and beverage orders must be placed using the Pizza Lunch Order Form (available in the school office) and is not part of the regular lunch ticket order form.
  • All full-day preschool students will receive a hot lunch, which is included in the monthly tuition.
  • A daily snack bar is available for students, with snack prices ranging from $.25 to $1.00.
  • Lunch ticket forms are available in the front office and may be dropped off in the front office, the drop box in the cafeteria, or the finance office.

Preschool September Lunch Menu

K-12 September Lunch Menu

Pizza Order Form FALL 2018

Lunch Order Form



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