Snacks and Lunch

Lunch Information

The goal of the Cornerstone Café is to provide a nutritious, hot lunch to all students Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, a nutritious pizza lunch is provided by our high school mission team.

All full-day preschool students will receive a hot lunch, which is included in the monthly tuition price.

Preschool February Lunch Menu

Snack Information

Cornerstone Christian Academy Preschool is committed to promoting a healthy and nutritious environment.

The goal of the Cornerstone Café is to provide a nutritious, hot lunch for our students.

On your child’s special “star” day, he or she will be assigned to bring in snacks for the class. Studies have shown that snacks provide children with an extra boost of energy and nutrients to help them stay focused longer, which promotes learning.

We will be looking for foods that are high in protein, which helps with memory and learning; fiber, which helps to maintain blood sugar; and calcium, which helps build strong bones. Please do not send fruit snacks, cupcakes, cookies, etc., except for birthday celebrations.

Water will be given at snack and throughout the day. Here is a list of snacks that may be sent with your child on his/her snack day.

Due to severe allergies, peanuts/peanut butter may be restricted from classrooms.


Cereal/granola (CCA will provide milk)

Crackers (example: whole grain gold fish crackers)

Tortilla/pita Chips



Cottage cheese


Cheese/cheese sticks


Fresh (please send already cut—dip is optional)

Canned (in light syrup)




Fresh and cut up (dip is optional)


Sliced turkey

Sliced ham

Sunflower kernels

Pumpkin seeds


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