Tuition Reduction Program

Our Tuition Reduction Program (TRiP) is an exciting alternative to traditional fundraising. Our families produce revenue simply by making everyday purchases!

The basic idea of the program is that CCA purchases gift certificates from retailers at a discount, and we sell those certificates to our families and friends at face value, thereby earning CCA a profit. CCA will apply 75 percent of the profit earned toward the participating families’ tuition. The remaining 25 percent of the profit goes to support the Tuition Reduction Program.

For more information on how our TRiP program works, check out this video about SCRIP gift cards:


TRiP office hours: Monday through Friday 8 – 9 a.m.


Please click below for TRiP forms.

Cash & Carry Order Form 2017-18

Instructions to Purchase TRiP Online

Frequently Asked Questions about SCRIP

What does SCRIP stand for?

SCRIP is a universal name for real and negotiable paper gift certificates or prepaid debit cards. They are issued and guaranteed by restaurants, gas stations, department, grocery, and specialty stores.

How does SCRIP work?

  • Purchase SCRIP cards from the TRiP office at CCA.
  • Shop at your regular grocer, fill up your car or truck at your usual gas station, eat at your favorite fast food establishment, or have a fancy, romantic dinner with your spouse, etc.
  • Pick up tools and materials for those home improvements at Sears, Home Depot, Menard’s, Lowe’s, and Farm & Fleet.
  • Buy those clearance and back-to-school bargains at that special store (keeping in mind that Kohl’s allows you to use SCRIP to pay on your store charge account).
  • Use SCRIP as cash when you pay for your purchases.

What is a prepaid gift card?

This is most easily explained with an example. Say I purchase a $25 Bath and Body Works card from CCA TRiP. Then I buy some lotion for a gift for my mother-in-law. I give the clerk my card, and she deducts the cost from my card. My receipt shows that I spent $12.50 and that I have $12.50 left on the card to spend later.

How do I earn tuition credit?

CCA TRiP purchases SCRIP at a discounted rate and sells them to you at face value. The difference between face value and their cost to us becomes profit. 25 percent of the profit goes to support the Tuition Reduction Program, and the other 75 percent of the profit is designated for the participating families’ tuition.

Do I need to be a parent of a CCA student to participate?

Anyone—parents, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, your boss, or even students—can order SCRIP cards or certificates. They can designate their profit toward a student’s tuition, our Tuition Assistance Fund, or our Operations fund.

What does that percent mean before the business on the order form?

The percentage listed on the order form indicates the amount of discount we realize when we buy that business’s SCRIP. For example, if I order a $10 Panera Bread gift card, I earn 9 percent, which is $.90.

How long are the certificates and cards good for?

Most cards have no expiration date! Go online to for more information.

How often must I buy SCRIP?

You can order daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever you choose; this is an ongoing activity. The more you buy on a regular basis, the more profit you earn.

How do I get SCRIP?

The TRiP office is open on school days, Monday through Friday, from 8 – 9 a.m. We are located in the front office hallway of the school. We keep a “store” of frequently purchased cards, called “cash & carry,” that can be purchased and picked up from school during TRiP business hours.

Is SCRIP available during the summer?

SCRIP is available throughout the year, including summer.

What SCRIP do you have on hand?

An inventory of SCRIP listed on the pink Cash & Carry Order Form are kept on hand in our “store” here at school.

Whom can we contact with further questions?

Contact the TRiP Coordinator at CCA by calling the school office at 815-895-8522. You may also stop in the TRiP office, in the CCA front office hallway, during our business hours. Our volunteers are happy to answer your questions.

355 North Cross Street, Sycamore, IL 60178-1231 | Ph: 815.895.8522 | Fax: 815.895.8717