Elementary Principal’s Welcome

About Us 1 Tom Olmstead
I am pleased and honored to serve, alongside an outstanding group of teachers, as the K – 6 grade principal of Cornerstone. Our students are tremendously appreciated and are a diverse group who has been gifted differently, yet we love the challenge of extending a comprehensive curricular and cocurricular program that will educate their minds, hearts, and bodies. We recognize the unique privilege we have of working at CCA and carrying on the tradition of partnering with families as we serve their children an education that establishes a great foundation for life and beyond.

Cornerstone has been accredited by ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) for the past nine years. This means that our entire curriculum has been thoroughly reviewed, scoped, and sequenced so that it builds upon itself to help prepare our students for a post-secondary education. We consider our academic program to be robust, and that is reflected in how well our students are prepared to enter junior high school. We are also grateful to offer our students a thorough Spanish education that helps them capitalize on some of their learning style strengths at this developmental stage.

Let me conclude by saying that our teachers, whom we refer to as Living Curriculum, demonstrate in a holistic fashion what servant-leadership ought to represent. They are a delightful and unified group of professionals who want to prepare their students to excel not just academically but in life. The proof of their efforts is in our product, the students, who are able to rise to the level of high expectations because they are appropriately challenged, supported, and loved.

I welcome you to come and visit CCA and see what a difference we can make in the life of your child!


Tom S. Olmstead, Elementary Principal

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