About CCA Athletics

Cornerstone Christian Academy Athletics Mission Statement

The mission of the CCA Athletic Department is to enrich the spiritual lives, develop the social and moral character, and enhance the physical skills and wellness of our students by means of a competitive athletic program, administered in a Christ-centered environment.

Cornerstone Christian Academy Athletics Philosophy

Cornerstone Christian Academy believes that all that is done in life should be done to the glory and honor of God, including athletics. The athlete, coach, and team should strive to do their best in all areas of life. Playing with actions pleasing to Christ—trying to develop a Christ-like attitude—is of the utmost importance. Being committed to the team and performing at one’s best during practice and competition for the benefit of the team is primary; winning will take care of itself. The coach is to teach the athlete how a Christian commits to the team through developing a positive work ethic. We only have control of our own actions; winning and losing will be taken care of by the Lord. How we respond will reflect our spiritual maturity. Each athlete should demonstrate this philosophy in his/her own way on and off the field of competition.

We believe that serving Christ through our athletic skills is more important than our own athletic accomplishments. Team unity is vital, as it reflects the Body of Christ. Self comes after the needs of others; however, in order for the CCA athletic program to be successful, we must equip our student athletes for the real field of competition: life as a warrior of Christ. We believe that there are many values and lessons to be learned from participating in athletics. There is always room for improvement in athletics just as there is always room for improvement in becoming more like Christ—one never arrives; one continues to strive.

Cornerstone Christian Academy Athletics Goals & Objectives

  • To demonstrate a Christ-like attitude in all we do through athletics, and always demonstrate a Christian testimony.
  • To improve the individual spiritually, socially, and as an athlete.
  • To develop commitment, team unity, loyalty, and school spirit.
  • To develop respect for others including coaches, officials, opponents, teammates, spectators, and anyone that the athlete comes in contact with.
  • To be good stewards of what the Lord has provided by taking care of equipment, facilities, belongings, self, etc.
  • To provide opportunities for fellowship with teammates and other Christian schools.
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