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Why invest in a private education?

Cornerstone believes that the Christian education that we offer is unique and valuable for families that are looking for a higher caliber of education and a better environment for their children.

Families can be confident that the investment they make in their children’s education at Cornerstone is valuable for today and for the future as well.

We point you to Cardus  for the quantifiable benefits of a Christian education that they found.

The Cardus Education Study (the largest known comprehensive study of the outcomes of Christian Education in the United States undertaken to date), released their results of a long-term comparative study evaluating the lives of graduates (sample studied were adults who graduated from high school 6-21 years prior and were 26-39 years old) who attended Christian schools, private schools, public schools, catholic schools, and homeschools. Through this method, project leaders were able to isolate the alignment between the “motivations” (mission/goals of the schools) and “outcomes” (the product; later in life) to better understand the role of Christian schools (and other types of approaches to education) in students’ lives, families, churches, and culture. Three areas the project researched to better understand the outcomes of Christian education were Spiritual Formation, Cultural Engagement, and Academic Development.

The data provided evidence that Christian protestant schools are the best place to invest if you want students to become “distinct in their commitment to their faith; Christian schools play a vital role in the long-term faith of their students.” Protestant Christian school graduates also have the highest frequency of church attendance and accept the authority of the church leadership at the highest levels. Graduates’ responses to value statements regarding “The Bible being infallible, divorce, etc.” all rank highest from Protestant school graduates as lining up with what the Bible teaches. In other words, of all the education models, the best place to invest in your child’s education—and ensure the greatest likelihood that his or her faith will be based on Scriptures and that it will stick throughout life—is in Christian education!

>View current and past Cardus Education studies.

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