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About Us 1 Tom OlmsteadThank you for checking out Cornerstone Christian Academy’s website.  I am not ashamed of saying that we are a school which God has blessed and continues to bless in so many ways.  We have remarkable people serving who desire to shape lives and futures.  Cornerstone desires to see every student reach their full potential while growing in knowledge and wisdom as a student.  We do all of this in a loving and nurturing environment that is also safe and community orientated.  In fact, many people describe being here as if they were with family.  The kind of family where we desire to see each member be all that they can be, to learn to recognize what’s truly important in life, and to be prodded along to pursue all that they can be.

Here at CCA, we desire to elevate Truth in every area of our school:  Academics, Athletics, Fine Arts, at board meetings, at student council meetings, and more.  Our school seal accurately describes the definition of Christian education that we pursue, and it says, Truth and wisdom saturate knowledge.  We aim to invite the teachings of Jesus found in Scripture into every classroom (Truth), and we hire educators and coaches who are willing to be “living curriculum”—to walk what they are talking (wisdom).  Thus, we have Truth and wisdom saturating knowledge in a comprehensive                                                                way to our dearly beloved students.

Academically, we aim for each child to develop into life-long learners equipped with the confidence to be able to seek whatever college or university they aim to enter and to pursue a career in which they desire to work.  Our high standardized test scores demonstrate a highly capable and advanced knowledge base.  Spiritually, our students are bombarded with all of the same lies and temptations that our culture throws to all.  However, we teach the Truth not so they will just agree with it, but that they will live it by the modeling of a Christ-centered lifestyle that is passionately and authentically exhibited by our faculty and staff.

If you have not met us yet, I personally invite you to come and see what a difference an education can make in the life of a child when Christ is at the core.

Blessings in Christ,

Tom S. Olmstead, Administrator

355 North Cross Street, Sycamore, IL 60178-1231 | Ph: 815.895.8522 | Fax: 815.895.8717